About Us

Our History

Mind Tec is one of the leading players in the professional IT Training Services. We believe the need of quality people in the IT Industry is growing and there are always opportunities for the best trained. We have been providing the best training that suits the specific requirements of the student and also the current market trends.

We provide Classroom training, Corporate Training as well as Online training so that one can take the training at the comfort of their own home or office. We provide classes at various timings in the day that suits even the people who are currently working and would like to enhance their skills.

We are among the leading Online and Corporate training Companies for the world!

Why MindTec?

Job Oriented Courses:  We have an expert in-house team who constantly watch the IT market and its current trends. We know what technologies are in demand in the current market and hence will help you take a decision in taking the right course.

Real Time Experienced Tutors:  All our tutors are experienced and are currently working with various companies but not simply “lecturers”. This real experience makes them understand what is expected in the real world and hence teach you both the theoretical and also the practical perspective.

Real Time Examples: Our tutors provide you with real time examples that they face in their jobs so that you understand the real world and learn from their experiences.

Tailor Made Course Curriculum: We make our course curriculum market oriented. This helps you in learning what helps you place in the industry as soon as possible.

Vision & Mission Statement

Vision: To be recognized as a global leader in providing technology-driven quality-controlled IT Training to the customers across the Globe.

Mission: Mind Tec is dedicated to providing highly customized and professional IT Training with focus on value adds to our customers. There is a constant effort to facilitate Improvement activities and institutionalize with latest technological advances within our Team.